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High-Capacity Stand-Alone Air Purifiers

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CleanZone SL



CleanZone® SL

The CleanZone SL is the world’s quietest high-performance air purifier. Its large air cleaning capacity, slim design and wall-mounting capability make particularly well suited to clean the air in large offices, healthcare facilities and classrooms.

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CleanZone 5000



CleanZone® 5000

The CleanZone 5000 provides the highest possible air cleaning capacity for large indoor environments. Three basic models allow the CleanZone 5000 to be configured for maximum particle filtration, or for maximum removal of gases, chemicals and odors with particle filtration.

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SwissAir® SolventMaster™



SWISSAIR® SolventMaster™

SWISSAIR SolventMaster air purifiers are high-performance vapor filtration systems specially developed for direct connection to the exhaust ducts of solvent printers. Due to the compact foot print they allow maximum removal of VOCs, while taking up minimal floor space.

All SWISSAIR air filtration products have been exclusively manufactured by IQAir AG in Switzerland since 2003.