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  • Why are IQAir’s New Edition air purifiers of interest to your readership/viewers?

    There are many steps that people can take to help avoid allergy and asthma symptoms. The most effective is to remove allergy and asthma inducing airborne irritants from the indoor environment. IQAir’s New Edition systems are the #1 rated air purifiers for helping to reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

    Quick Fact List:

    • Asthma causes 1.75 million emergency room visits every year and more than 3,300 deaths.
    • Nearly 25 million Americans suffer from asthma (More than 8 percent of adults and 9 percent of children). Severe allergies and asthma are considered to be among the fast-growing health concerns in the United States today.
    • 60 million Americans suffer from either asthma or allergies, and 55 percent of all Americans test positive for at least one allergen.
    • Every day, 44,000 Americans have an asthma attack.

    (Source: Centers for Disease Control, WebMD and other sources)

    Numerous scientific studies have determined that the single most effective way to reduce the incidence of airborne allergies and asthma is to reduce exposure to airborne irritants.

  • How do we establish that IQAir’s New Edition Series of air purifiers are the most effective air cleaning systems available to consumers?

    IQAir has won more #1 “Best Buy” ratings from consumer–product review organizations than any other air purifier manufacturer. These #1 ratings include: Consumers Digest, Consumers Guide, Reviewboard Magazine, Parent Tested/Parent Approved, Consumer Search, Allergy Buyers Club, Air Purifier Review and many, many more – including the prestigious German government product testing organization Stiftung Warrentest (considered internationally to be the most authoritative consumer product review organization in the world.)

    Because of IQAir’s ultra-high standards for product design and system performance – IQAir was chosen by the American Lung Association as their exclusive educational partner from the air purifier industry.

    IQAir was also chosen by the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) to provide air filtration for all athlete residential and training facilities at the Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Air quality in Beijing was as much as 40 times worse than an average day in Los Angeles. The U.S. Olympic teams won 110 medals in Beijing – the highest medal count for the United States in history for a non-boycotted Olympics.

  • What makes IQAir’s New Edition newsworthy?

    Simply stated, the best just got better – and not a little better, a LOT better. The New Edition air purifiers are now the quietest high–performance air purifiers ever made. (This lifestyle point will be of significant interest to your readers/viewers. “Perceived Sound” is one of a consumer’s biggest concerns when purchasing an air purifier.)

    Most of your readers/viewers who have purchased an air purifier have been very disappointed with the performance of the system they bought. This is because many consumer air purifiers do not even meet 10 percent of their label claims. These manufacturers base their advertising claims on the theoretical performance of their components – not on their actual system performance. IQAir only evaluates air purifiers on total system efficiency, i.e., the actual total performance of the air purifier. (IQAir’s research indicates that the average consumer also typically has purchased multiple air purifiers before they discover IQAir.)

    The New Edition is the most powerful high–performance air purifier available to consumers. It’s a better value than IQAir’s previous models. And it achieves these values while being the quietest high–performance air purifier in the world.

    Quick fact list:

    • The New Edition produces up to 25 percent more clean air than previous models.
    • Filters last up to 38 percent longer and retain more particulates without increasing costs. (This saves your readers/viewers money on filter replacement costs).
    • The New Edition is 32 percent quieter on average across all fan speeds.

    Higher performance. Better value. Quieter. If your audience is looking for the very best – this is the air purifier you want to discuss during allergy season.

  • Who is IQAir?

    IQAir is a Swiss manufacturer of ultra-high efficiency air purifiers for the world’s most critical environments. More than fifty years ago, IQAir founded the air purifier industry. Today, IQAir systems are the #1 choice in hospitals around the world the help stop the spread of infectious diseases such as SARS, MRSA, tuberculosis, Avian flu and many others. They are also used by the military to protect delicate electronic equipment, in museums to protect priceless antiquities, in clean rooms – anywhere the highest standard of air purification is required.

  • Where can the media get further information?

    Please direct all media queries to Joe Rookard at 562-903-7600 ext. 1115 (office), 562-204-9379 (mobile), via email at, or visit the IQAir website at

  • Consumer FAQs

    Below are responses to typical consumer questions and concerns regarding the New Edition air purifiers, air cleaning in general and other related topics. If you have time to provide commentary on the usefulness of this FAQ in preparing your article or if you have additional insights/questions – your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    IQAir can provide expert commentary on a very broad range of indoor air quality and health related topics: indoor air quality, air purifier technology, allergies, asthma, mold and other indoor contaminants and much more. Frank Hammes, president of IQAir, is widely acknowledged as the world’s leading expert on air purifier technology and air filtration product testing. He regularly lectures on air purification topics and has made numerous appearances on television broadcast interviews. He is also a very popular radio guest. Glory Dolphin, CEO of IQAir North America, has been interviewed by broadcast television, radio and podcast. IQAir can also assist you with referrals to the best qualified scientific and medical experts for any indoor/outdoor air quality health or scientific topic you may need for article research. We are passionate in our belief that improved indoor air quality is a significant scientific advancement that brings improved health to a wide range of medical conditions. As the American Lung Association’s exclusive educational partner from the air purifier industry we take great pride in being able to assist the media in researching air–quality health and science topics.

  • What’s better about the IQAir “New Edition” room systems?

    IQAir’s New Edition room air purifiers, introduced in September, 2012, have taken the best air purifiers in the world to a new level of air purifier perfection.

    With a powerful new fan and innovative new filter designs, the New Edition systems produce more clean air than ever before. New Edition filters also last longer, as a result of greater particle-holding capacity designed into them. The world’s most effective air purifiers are now also the quietest high-performance air purifiers, thanks to the new fan, filters and other design improvements.

    It is VERY important to note – “quietest” is a highly subjective term. Your readers/viewers want the most effective air cleaning they can get with the least amount of noise. But, “quiet” does not mean the air purifier is silent. It is “quietest” when compared to the decibel readings of competitor air purifiers on matching speed settings. In fact, it is actually significantly quieter than competitor air purifiers on similar speed settings. And unlike our competitors, IQAir New Edition air purifiers actually clean the air of particles of all sizes and produce the kind of healthy indoor environment your readers/viewers with allergies and asthma need. Again, we don’t want to make any misleading claims that will make your readers/viewers believe our air purifiers are silent. However, up to Speed 4 (IQAir systems features a total of six speeds), most users will consider the New Edition air purifiers barely audible. On speeds 5 and 6 they will perceive some sound. Many users with severe allergies and asthma reported during product testing that they were able to sleep pleasantly even with our air purifiers on the highest settings. This is because along with the significant noise reduction, IQAir designs its air purifiers to generate an ambient spectrum of sound. This is akin to the “white noise” devices many people use to help them sleep.

    Along with test samples of the New Edition air purifiers, we can send journalists a decibel reader so that they can test for themselves the sound levels of IQAir systems versus any of our competitors.

    We can also provide qualified journalists with particle filtration testing equipment and other air purifier/air quality testing equipment. However, because of the high cost of the testing equipment, all product-testing equipment must be returned immediately after your testing is completed.

    We can loan equipment for extended periods if special arrangements are made. Because the majority of our competitors’ products begin to lose their efficiency literally as soon as they are turned on, we encourage journalists to see for themselves how many of our competitors lose as much as 50 percent of their initial efficiency within a month or two of use. The commonly used AHAM CADR air purifier testing standard does not include long–term product testing, and so does not recognize this major flaw in many air purifiers. As a result, many very poorly designed air purifiers are highly recommended by respected product reviewers and product review organizations.

  • How much quieter are the New Edition room systems?

    Despite the significantly higher airflow rates, all IQAir New Edition models are quieter than ever before. This is due to a completely redesigned fan that moves more air at lower perceived sound levels, combined with filter design improvements that allow more air to pass through the filter without a loss of efficiency. The New Edition HealthPro Plus system, for example, is 32% quieter than before (average across all 6 fan speeds).

    IQAir’s published technical specifications now include sound levels (decibels). Customers can find these specifications included inside the user manual supplied with the room air cleaner or on our website at

    For media assistance in interpreting technical specifications, please call Joe Rookard in IQAir’s Media Relations at 562-903-7600 x. 1115 (office), or 562-204-9379 (mobile) and he will assist you in working with the IQAir Technical Support Team.

  • What’s different about IQAir New Edition filters?

    The particle filters in IQAir room air purifiers have been undergoing a process of continuous improvement since mid-2011, when IQAir began switching from pre-filters and HyperHEPA filters made with hot-melt separators to filters made with inert thermoplastic separators. Since then, we have continued improvements by reducing the weight of the separators and improving the pleating.

    The new pleat-spacing pattern and the replacement of hot-melt separators with inert thermoplastic separators has resulted in an increase of active surface area, more even filter loading and more than a 10 percent reduction in total weight for the pre-filters, and HyperHEPA filters.

    The overall filter improvements result in greater airflow and higher particle holding capacity.

    It’s also of interest to note that IQAir’s filters now use the most sophisticated pleating pattern ever applied to an air purifier’s filters. This advancement in pleating design is an industry breakthrough that allows for 20 percent longer filter life on the PreMax pre-filter and up to 38 percent longer filter life on the HyperHEPA filter. These improved filters have not increased in cost so they generate a significant long-term savings to the consumer. (Filter–replacement cost savings are esitmated to be 20 percent or more over the lifetime of the air purifier.)

  • How often do I have to replace New Edition filters?

    IQAir was the first air purifier to incorporate filter life detectors on the control panel of their its air purifiers. This alerts New Edition owners when it is time to replace their filters. There is no guess work. A red LED light will appear on the control panel to let owners know when it is time to change a filter. An orange light appears to indicate the filter is approaching the end of its lifespan. A green light indicates the filters are still within the first 80 percent of their expected service life. Because of the longer filter life, owners of the New Edition will replace filters less frequently, about 20 percent on average. *Important note – At NO time do IQAir filters lose their particle-removing efficiency. Even when the filter light is red on IQAir’s HyperHEPA New Edition filter, it will still be capturing particles down to 0.003 microns with a guaranteed and certified 99.5% efficiency. However, filter replacement is required to maintain the highest possible airflow and energy efficiency.

    If consumers own a previous–edition IQAir system (not a New Edition) they can achieve similar filter–life improvements by installing the improved New Edition particle filters. However, instead of changing their New Edition filters as usual when a solid red light appears on the control panel, they should wait for the red BLINKING light to appear. This will generally account for the difference in the longer filter life of the New Edition filters and will allow them to realize the cost savings of this improvement.

  • Can I mix New Edition and older filters together in an older IQAir room system, or will I experience any problems?

    No problem, simply wait for the red light (or the red BLINKING light, if the filter is a New Edition model) to appear on the control panel as usual to make the next filter change. Because all operating instructions, including how to replace filters, are unchanged, it’s easy because there’s nothing different to do.

    Again, please keep in mind that once the new, improved HyperHEPA and pre-filters are installed in a previous-generation model (not a New Edition), filter changes can be made when a red BLINKING light appears, instead of when a solid red light appears. This will generally account for the difference in longer filter life of these filters and will allow consumers to realize the cost savings of this improvement.

  • What is the maximum filter life in hours for each New Edition filter (per the control panel)?

    Maximum filter life (i.e. the total hours for a brand new filter) can be seen from the control panel when the system is brand new (unused) or when the filter life for a particular filter has just been re–set.

    The improvement in filter life hours for the HealthPro Plus at Speed 3 are shown below:

    • (F1) PreMax Pre-Filter has improved from 4500 to 5400 hours, an increase of 900 hours (20 percent).
    • (F2) V5-Cell Filter has improved from 7000 to 7100 hours, an increase of 100 hours (1 percent).
    • (F3) HyperHEPA Filter has improved from 11,000 to 15,200 hours, an increase of 4,200 hours (38 percent).

    Note: Although current filter life can be seen from the control panel’s “Remaining Life” menu, IQAir does not recommend re-setting filter life for the purpose of locating the maximum hours because once re–set it cannot be reversed.

  • Do New Edition gas and odor filters/cartridges also last longer?

    Based on our experience, additional testing, and some improvements made over the last few years, we’ve taken this opportunity to update the software programming for the gas and odor filters (V5-Cell and MultiGas cartridges). This programming now accounts for the capacity and weight differences more accurately, which has resulted in slightly longer filter lives of these filters.

    For example, the V5-Cell filters now have 100 more hours and the GC MultiGas Cartridges now have 700 more hours of filter life at Speed 3.

  • Is the warranty the same for the New Edition room systems?

    Yes, the warranty is unchanged. For more details about the warranty for a particular system, please refer to the warranty information supplied with their air purifier or online at

  • Will IQAir support repairs or supply replacement parts for the older room systems?

    Yes, our support for older systems is not affected by the introduction of the New Edition.

  • Have the technical specifications for the New Edition models changed?

    New technical specifications, including airflow, perceived sound levels and filter life, are included with every IQAir New Edition room system. They can also be found on our website at and at the back of the user manual supplied with the air cleaner.

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